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Wining 2nd prize at the 23rd Samsung HumanTech Paper Award

Wooseung Nam has received the second prize (Silver Prize) in the field of Communication/Networks with the research named, "New compression technique with previous synchronized data for Data synchronization", at the 23rd Samsung HumanTech Paper Award. In his work, he proposes a novel network data encoding technique which dynamically eliminates redundancy block of inter-files by exploiting previously synchronized (i.e., transmitted) data. He demonstrated that the novel compression technique largely outperforms available advanced compression techniques. The compression techniuqe was assessed by the reviewers as an alternative of Brotli which is the default network data compression technique for Google Chrome browser.

Winning 3rd prize at the 22nd Samsung HumanTech Paper Award

Euijin Jeong and Jaemin Jo has received the third prize (Bronze Prize) in Communication/Networks with CAS: A Highly Energy-Efficient Context-Aware Scheduler on Background Applications in Mobile Systems at the 22rd Samsung HumanTech Paper Award. In this work, they develop a context-aware application scheduling framework, CAS that adaptively and uniquely unloads and preloads background applications in a timely manner. Also, their trace-driven simulations in comparison with the Android default resource scheduler (i.e., low memory killer) and Android 6.0 with App optimization reveal that CAS-LO increases the battery lifetime by 45% and 28%, respectively, while achieving similar start-up latency.

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