We live in Mobile Computing Era!
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I imagine that the century we live can be remembered as the golden age of mankind. As many other tech leaders express their worries, the future with full of artificial intelligence and high-level bionics may not be as bright as we have envisioned. People can lose their humanity and the value of life can extremely diminish.

In this perspective, the mobile computing technologies we deal with as of now are relatively immature, but still friendly to us. We can seat back and relax while enjoying them.

Now the biggest question given in front of mankind is how can we avoid bringing dystopia to our lives while keeping enhancing the mobile computing for the quality life of mankind.

Our group would like to devote our fashion toward answering this question. We aim at bringing fundamental innovations to the mobile computing and the networking therein. At the same time, we will watch ourselves not to commit a mistake turning the technologies into the threat to mankind.