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FIF (Future Internet Forum) Newsletter Sent

Prof. Lee sent out a newsletter to FIF on our ongoing research topic. Check this out!


FIF (Future Internet Forum) Newsletter Sent

Prof. Lee sent out a newsletter to FIF on our ongoing research topic, extremely low-latency networking. Check this out!


Prof. Lee's Total Citation Exceeded 2000

According to Google scholar, Prof. Kyunghan Lee’s total citation count has exceeded 2000 as of Sep. 2015. Check the detail here (—>).

The 1st IITP-UNIST Low-Latency Network Workshop Held


The 1st IITP-UNIST Low-Latency Network Workshop was successfully held in E208 at engineering building, UNIST with about 20 participants. 
To make this workshop happen, CP (Creative Planner) Yongjae Lim from IITP kindly visited UNIST for the first time and made a presentation on the ICT R&D strategy of Korea. 
5 professors (listed on the right-hand side) shared their current progresses on enabling the low-latency network from its architecting to its new protocol designs. 
Active discussions with the valuable comments from CP Lim, which were right on the mark made the vision of UNIST toward the low-latency network clearer.  

Extremely Low Latency Networking Project Funded

[From left: Kyunghan Lee, Hyun Jong Yang, Hyoil Kim, Changhee Joo]

5G mobile will be here by 2020. Remote surgery, cloud streaming gaming, drones, and robots will be all envisioned in 5G to bring better access and life-changing futuristic services to many. 5G will support 1,000-fold gain in capacity, hyper-connections for billion devices, and a 10Gb/s individual user experience capable of extremely low latency and response time. In particular, the demand for real-time immersive applications such as mission-critical remote control, remote robotic surgery, and interactive cloud gaming service is rapidly increasing. Current communication and network technologies, however, have their innate limits on the latency, which is way-beyond the requirement of immersive applications.

The UNIST research team, composed of Changhee Joo, Kyunghan Lee, Hyoil Kim, and Hyun Jong Yang, took a first step toward near-zero end-to-end latency, which propels us to commercialization of 5G, by starting a five-year research project “Research on Near-Zero Latency Network for 5G Immersive Service,” funded by the ministry of ICT and future planning, as of May 2015.